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The Dhole is also called the Asiatic Wild Dog.

Dhole Features

The Dhole is a doglike creature.  It is about 4.5 feet long counting the tail.  A dhole can weigh up to 40 pounds and stands 1.5 feet tall.  A dhole's fur is usually rusty red but can be sandy yellow to dark grey.  A dhole's is usually black and it has white spots on it's chest.  Also, a dhole has rounded ears.  When a baby dhole is born they are a brownish color.  What makes a dhole different from it's cousins is that they have one less molar on each side of the bottom jaw.

Why Dholes are Endangered and How Can We Help

The Major part of the decline of dholes are humans.  Humans are destroying the dhole's habitat and its prey's habitat so there is not enough food for the dholes and they are dying.  People were killing dholes until 1972 when it became illegal.  Still people kill dholes if they kill livestick on their farm.  Also, people steal the dholes kills because a dhole runs at the sight of a human this is easy to do.

A way to help the dholes is to try not to scare them and steal their food.  Another thing we could do is to get the Indian government to make the punishment for killing a dhole very severe so nobody kills them.  Also, try to convince tree companies to get trees from somewhere other than the areas where the dholes live.  If many people were educated about dholes this might happen and we could save the dholes from extinction.

Dhole Diet

A dhole eats plants and animals so it is an omnivore.  They eat berries, insects, and lizards.  Dholes usually hunt in packs and when they hunt in packs they can kill mammal as large as deer or as small as rodents.  The favorite foods of the dhole are: wild pigs, sheep, wild goats, hares, and sometimes a monkey.  Dholes start to eat their food before it dies.  A dhole's prey will more likely die from blood loss than being bitten in the throat.  Dholes can eat their food very fast ; they can eat 8.8 pounds of meat an hour.

Dhole Fun Facts

1.  Dholes can cluck like chickens.

2.  A dhole can live to be 15 years old in captivity.

3.  The scientific name for the dhole is Cuon alpinus.

4. Dhole can form packs of up to 40 animals.

5.  There are about 2,500 dholes in the wild today.

Dhole Habitat

The dhole is mainly found in Russia and India.  In Russia it lives in the alpine areas and dense forests.  In India the dholes are found in dense forests and thick scrub forests at 2,100 meters high.  They can also be found in Thailand in dense mountain forests at 3,000 meters high.  Dholes can also be found around riverbeds in these regions.