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The Addax is almost extinct.  It's status is CRITICALLY ENDANGERED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Addax Features

The addax is a unique animal because there are only a few hundred left.  It is gray-brown in the winter and mostly white in the summer.  The addax has long, thin, horns that curve back and upward.  It lives in the desert so it has large hooves for walking on the desert sand.  It is about 3.5 feet tall (1.1m)  when it is full grown.  An addax also weighs up to 300 pounds.

Why the Addax is Endangered and What Can We Do To Help It

There are many reasons why the addax is endangered.  The cause is humans.  In Africa illegal poachers hunt and kill addaxes.  It is easier for them to kill an addax because they can now use cars.  Harassment by desert travelers is also a cause.  Mining also kills them and tourism may have a part too. 

  Ways to help the addax are to not hunt them.  Also, don't bother them and hurt  them if you see one.  Another thing is before miners dig check for addaxes and call animal help to move them to a safer place.  Lastly,  we shouldn't build houses on the Sahara Desert where addaxes can be found so we dont destroy their habitat.

Addax Diet

  Since the Addax is a desert animal it doesn't need much water.  It feeds mostly on coarse grasses.  It gets the little water it needs from dew on the grass it eats.  When there is no grass the addax will eat acacia species of plants and luguminous herbs.  Since there is not much vegetation in the desert that the addax will eat, it must travel long distances to find food.

Addax Habitat

 The addax has lived in many areas in Africa but is now extinct in some of these regions.  It lives in the stoney and sandy part of the Sahara Desert.  In 1972 the addax could be found in Rio de Oro.  It was very rare in all areas execpt in the uninhabited area of Mauritania and Mali in the southern Sahara.


Addax Fun Facts

1.  The addax is one of the world's favorite animals.

2.  Horns of the female are as big as the males.

3.  Addaxes don't need water to survive.

4.  There are only a few hundred left. 

5. Addaxes can live to be twenty-five years old.