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I have chosen this animal to be on my site because I have never heard of it before.

Quokka Features

Quokkas are about three feet long (90cm.) when they are adults and they weigh about 7 pounds.  Quokkas have rounded bodies and a short tail.  They have small rounded ears and a hunched posture. They also have a wide face that is flatter than most wallabies. Most quokkas have brown fur. Quokkas look like small kangaroos. Male quokkas are called boomers and are larger than the females.  The female quokka is called a flier and has a pouch that a joey can fit in.  A joey is a baby quokka. 

Why Quokkas are endangered and how can we help them

There are a few reasons the Quokkas are endangered.  One, on the Austrailian mainland quokkas are easy prey for pets dogs.  Since the quokka is a nocturnal animal they are active at the same time as foxes so they can easily caught by foxes.  Also, cats kill quokkas.

A way we can safe the quokka is by not destroying its habitat on the Austrailian mainland, Rottnest Island, or Bald Island.  Also if we can reduce pollution that would be good for everything; including the quokka!  Reducing pollution is better for your health and will slow down global warming!

Quokka Diet

Quokkas are herbivoires (plant-eaters) and eat grass.  A quokka also will eat leaves, seeds, and roots.  Quokka's way of eating is strange.  They eat their food without swallowing it then later they regurgitate then food and chew it as cud.  Quokka's don't need much water.  If they want water they will dig and get water from the ground.  However, quokkas can go months without water.

Quokka Habitat

You can find a quokka in Western Australia and on an island called Rottnest Island. Willem de Vlamingh thought quokkas were giant rats and named it Rat Nest Island but it has been changed to Rottnest Island.  Quokaas used to live mainly on the mainland but now cats and foxes eat them so they live mainly on Rottnest Island.  Another island they live on is called Bald Island.


Quokka Fun Facts

1.  The quokka was one of the first Austrailian animals seen by Europeans.

2.  A quokka will have one joey a year.

3.  A quokka can live to be 5 years old.

4.  The quokka's scientific name is Setonix brachyurus.

5.  A joey will stay with its mom for 35 weeks.